Integral Tritone is the latest invention in modern music age. In 40-50’s John William Coltrane formulated Tritone, it’s a behavior of blues American to play harmony and melody on guitar, piano or another melodic musical instrument such as woodwinds and acoustic bass. Tritone is minor blues or modern blues, this harmony is recently played in many modern music until present time as played by Lee Ritenour, Pat Metheney and Christian McBride.   
Tritone Substitution 

John Coltrane

In 1997 Bayu Wirawan a.k.a King Jazz formulated in his thesis “Integral Tritone”. It is an integrated between unity of harmonic formulas formulated and be harmonics or tone which could get “gasm”. It’s Orgasm=Orjasm=Jasm=Jazm=Jazz. That is how it called “Jazz” or a peak of improvisation or impromptu then became pop music in its age (Jazz Standards).
Bayu Wirawan "King Jazz"

There is special technicals and scales in playing integral tritone when playing jazz. Jazz is not only playing your feeling, there is culture of blues in jazz.
Play jazz from genetic, from where it was then you will play the real jazz. Playing or transcribing existing jazz standards is not properly way to play jazz. Jazz is climax of playing music freely and programmed.

Ringga Hardika – Bassist/Producer/Educator


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