Album “BUZZ IN THE GARDEN” Ringga Hardika & Friends

This is my newest album which presents you 9 tracks and consisted of eight songs and one intro “buzzer”. I love so many music genres around the world, so in this album I put all my music passion, jazz, rock, blues, ethnic, Sundanese music and also instruments. My main instrument is electric bass and fretless bass, and I also play keyboard, piano, Rhodes, Sundanese flute (Suling), percussion and music sampling for ornament. There are good friends to help me composing modern and traditional music.

  1.  Buzzer
  2.  Serampang Bonang
  3. The Bee
  4. Beat My Axe!
  5.  Summer Like a Blue
  6. Feelin’ The Breeze
  7. Going Wise
  8. Firefly
  9. Ensoleillement 

Ringga Hardika                : Electric bass and fretless bass, keyboard, piano, rhodes, Sundanese flute (Suling), sampling
Ares Rudhiansyah           : Suling, kendang, karinding
Diar Christiawan              : Electric guitar
Joe Yeung                         : Drums
Asep Eeverbeat               : Percussions

You can buy in high quality format mp3 on physical CD for US$. 7.5 (before shipping, check here origin Bandung/Jakarta) or I’ll send you via e-mail for only US$ 5 pay via bank transfer or Western Union send to post address: Jl. Raya Gadobangkong No. 144 Kab. Bandung Barat - West Java code 40552, country: Indonesia, and confirm to e-mail

Bank Name             : Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Account Name        : Ringga Hardik 
Acount Number      : 139.292.115 
Bank Code                : Bank BCA » 014
Swift Code                : CENAIDJA
Bank Address          : Cabang Cimahi


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