Ringga Hardika Album Groove Into Your Heart

     Groove Into Your Heart is the latest album from Bassist Ringga Hardika.A note that represents life phase, hobbies, passion, and leisure. In this album Ringga Plays all of instruments dan production in his studio: bass, fretless bass, keyboard, drum sampling and the rest of instruments. This album completed in eleven months. It's along time but it represents a phase of life.
     There are 9 tracks and used pentatonic blues, major, minor and traditional local scale madenda. Curious for the album? Just download now!

Tracks inside
  1. In The Mood
  2. The Coffee Effect
  3. Eastern Woman
  4. Find The One
  5. Wait, I'll Be There
  6. Funky Boy
  7. Bop Admirer
  8. Sneaky Peaky
  9. Walk With Me


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