Java Island (Album)

Java Island began in 2008, has a purpose to fulfill the listeners need of recreation and as an entertainer anywhere. Java Island is a Pop band but also Nu-Jazz, RnB and Dance Music included. In the beginning Java Island tried to deliver a good and soulful sound of music to the easy listeners, but also bring the listeners to love the unusual Pop music. So, dig our tunes...

Several Gigs: 
-Jakjazz Fever 2008 
-LA Light Indiefest 2009 
-Java "Swinging" Island 2009 
-Road to Java Jazz 2010
some videos:

Rinni - Vocals; Ringga Hardika - Elec. Bass, Synthesizers, Programs; Papay - Drums

Monday Michiru, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Smoma, The Groove, Mocca, Shiina Ringo

Sounds Like
Grooving Electronic in the end of 90's