Hariring - Fall in West

Hariring - Fall in West (the first album) album is project of Ringga Hardika as composer and arranger that influenced by any kind of music. Jazz, Blues, Rock, Fusion, Dance, Soul and Sundanese music. Sometimes you'll hear traditional musical instruments such as angklung, peking, kendang and goong mixed by modern instruments.
- Ringga Hardika : Electric bass, fretless electric bass, piano, keyboard, synthesizer, angklung, suling, gamelan sampling, percussive sampling and live programming.

- Fregian : Lyrics 
- Athu : Sinden (traditional vocal)

Tracks on Hariring
  1. 80 Miles
  2. Happy Saturday
  3. Chant de Vous
  4. So Worry
  5. After Midnite
  6. I Saw The Baby Dance
  7. Love You Unordinary
  8. Curious
  9. Early Evening
  10. Your Mercy
  11. A Nite in Kahf
  12. I Hope So